The American Fund for Human Development (AFHD) was initiated by a group of altruistic American citizens to contribute to the human cause across the world.

Having achieved a strong reputation in their individual circles, these Samaritans have pledged to play their role in the betterment of the global society.


Our mission Is to bring K-5 Universal Primary Education to 30 million children of the poor and Adult Literacy to their parents in Rural Villages of Pakistan, so that these children are not exploited by fundamentalists and extremists. This also meets the UNDP’s Millennium Development Goals (MDG).
Peace and prosperity are achievable through Education For All.


AFHD intends to be the chain that binds the kindness in a man’s heart, to the instance that requires and deserves an action of such kindness.

Project Advisory Board

The management of AFHD is unceasingly on the lookout for projects worldwide, allowing donors access to a range of philanthropic causes that need monetary aid. Our systems offer a fully transparent, highly efficient method of “donating” to the needy. Our donors simply need to identify a cause and AFHD will ensure that the grants reach the recipient effectively. All projects funded by AFHD are subject to financial audit to ensure transparency.

Pheli Kiran Project

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