Hand Water Pumps in Mirpur Sakro Feb 2016
Hand Pumps for Community Water Supply

Location: Muradani Village, Mir Pur Sakro District Thatta Sindh Pakistan.
Project Duration: July 2015- September 2015
Cost of pumps financed by: Mr. Afroz Hussaini
Implementing Partners: Lodhie Foundation & Shaan Technologies Private Limited
Total Pumps Installed: 10
Beneficiaries: 465 Household with an estimated population of 3600 Peoples.

Pakistan is one of the most water stressed countries in the world where total actual renewable water resources have been decreasing day by day. Presently water resources in Pakistan decreased from 5000 cubic meters per capita in 1951 to 1100 cubic meters in last year.

Currently, over 35 percent of Pakistan’s population does not have access to safe drinking water. The quality of drinking water supply is poor, with bacterial contamination, arsenic, fluoride and nitrate being the factors of major concern. Province of Sindh is one of the highly water scarce province of Pakistan. Deterioration in water quality and contamination of lakes, rivers and groundwater aquifers has resulted in increased waterborne diseases and other health impacts.

Coastal belt of Sindh is one of the highly effected areas where decreased inflow in Indus river delta is resulting in salt water intrusion from sea. This reduced water inflow destabilized eco system as well as made drinking water availability a major problem for the people especially women.

Mirpur Sakro is one of the water scarce area near coastal belt of Sindh. It is 90 kilometers away from Karachi. Since last 2 years Lodhie Foundation is providing relief to the community through installing hand pumps is this area. Lodhie Foundation is very grateful to Syed Afroze Hussaini for his generous support for the installation of 10 hand pumps in Village Mora Dani and surrounding areas located in Mirpur Sakro district Thatta Sindh.

Pumps Installation was started in Mid of August 2015 and finished in 3rd week of September 2015. Before the installation of pumps near their houses, women are used to travel 1 to 5 Kilometers to fetch a pot water for their families and cattle.

At the completion time of Hand pump installation nearly 465 households of village MoraDani and surrounding areas were enjoying clean water near their houses. Earlier they were dependent on open reservoirs, canals or open wells for drinking water. Women have to walk quiet a distance to fetch water and multiple rounds are performed to collect sufficient amount of water for their daily usage. Before the installation of hand pumps women have to walk 1 to 5 km, to fetch water which need 1 to 3 hours. Now the
condition has been improved drastically as, water is available near their homes which is a blessing for families and their cattle. Pump water is used for domestic purpose and drinking.

Availability of spare parts for repair and maintenance is not easy in remote areas. To overcome this problem each pump is supplied with necessary spares to keep it maintain without any delay.

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