Distribution of Solar LED Lanterns to best performing students of PEP Schools under Pervaiz Lodhie’s Pehli Kiran ( First ray of Light) initiative
Dated: Saturday March 12, 2016

Location: Raichand Meghwar Primary School

Old Mirpur, District Mirpurkhas


Sunflower Primary School,

Khawaja District Tando Allahyar

Giving Solar Lanterns as a prize to the best performing students is not a new initiative of Pervaiz Lodhie. In previous years Lodhie Foundation has extended his initiative to various schools in Sindh and Punjab.

Inspiring with the idea, Mr. Jonathan Mitchell PHD President and Founder of Concentric development Inc. invited Pervaiz Lodhie to extend his program of distributing solar lanterns as prizes in PEP schools. Pervaiz Lodhie has immediately offered to gift 249 lanterns, allowing for three prizes per school. His suggestion was to distribute them to 1)Top student of the year 2) Top most improved student of the year 3) Top best attendance student of the year.
Mr. Lodhie also suggested encouraging the prize recipients to teach a short literacy course to family members or relatives.

During his recent visit to Pakistan in March 2016, Pervaiz visited the two schools in Mirpurkas and Tando Allahyar and distributed the solar lanterns to the 7 best students. Remaining 242 lanterns will be distributed in first and second week of April 2016

The Primary Education Project (PEP) is a part of the education work of Diocese of Hyderabad that is working to provide sustainable quality education to the poorest children of Rural Sindh, Pakistan. PEP has been involved in the work of education since 2002 and currently has 83 schools in the five district areas of rural Sindh, which are Badin, Sanghar, Mirpurkhas, Tando Allahyar and Umerkot. At Present 4970 students are enrolled in 83 schools.

Participants from Lodhie Foundation/Shaantech:

Pervaiz Lodhie, President and Founder LEDtronics Inc and Shaan Technologies Pakistan, Founder Lodhie Foundation
Shahid Siddique General Manager Shaan Technologies private Limited
Sohaib Ahmed Sheikh, Business development Executive
Participant from Primary Education project (PEP):
Lilian Charles, Program Manager PEP,
Parkash Peter , Smile Coordinator
Salvin John Aadiyal, Media Manager at Primary Education Project (PEP)

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